Center for Inquiry and Equity in Mathematics

Who gets to ask questions in mathematics?

Fellowship Commitments

We are asking Fellows to commit to two aspects of the program:

First, Fellows commit to being part of the Inquiry and Equity in Mathematics community: attending the summer institute and participating in academic year follow up conversations – and in particular, with a willingness to be open to inquiry-oriented conversations about mathematics and equity.

Second, Fellows commit to bringing this work back to some aspect of one course they are teaching for pre-service teachers: how this looks in practice will vary depending on the Fellows’ interests and courses; however, we ask that each Fellow make space for one of the great benefits of participating in the Fellowship program: one or two (possibly virtual) classroom visits by a mathematician from the Mathematicians of Color Alliance. These visits are a tremendous benefit of participating in the Fellowship.

There are two optional research aspects of the program:

As an NSF-funded project, we have an obligation to build knowledge for the field as we carry out this work, and the research associated with this project is intended to do that. It is possible to participate as a Fellow without participating in the associated research, but we would appreciate Fellows engaging in our research around the Fellowship itself, including: an interview with our evaluator, participating in research surveys as part of the Fellowship, and administer short (15 minute) surveys for pre-service teachers in one of their courses during the academic year.

An optional opportunity for Fellows is participating in a self-study group led by Co-PI Mandy Jansen.


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