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Summer Institute

In partnership with the Mathematicians of Color Alliance, the Center for Inquiry and Equity in Mathematics is pleased to announce a Fellowship program for mathematics teacher education faculty who teach either elementary or secondary pre-service teachers for the 2010-2020. The Summer Institute runs Monday through Friday, August 5-9: 

Monday–Thursday Session 1: For the first four days of the workshop, we will open the day by investigating mathematics questions together as a group. 

Monday–Thursday: Session 2.  We invite Fellows to bring a question they have wondered about or wanted to investigate from their own mathematical experience, including K-12 or post-secondary teaching.  Our project staff will be available before the workshop to help Fellows develop their questions if they wish. 

Monday-Thursday, Session 3: We will devote the last part of the day to Mathequity sessions, in which we study mathematics and equity together: For example, issues arising in the mathematics sessions would be addressed immediately in the Mathequity sessions, in unflinching examination – likewise, we will examine equity issues in our own professional practices. Equity will be addressed in very personal ways, with compassion but also with honesty, and with the setting of the doing mathematics together as a context (Winger et al., 2018).

Many Fellows will have thought deeply about equity issues, but to quote Winger et al., 2018: The work doesn’t end. We have to continually commit ourselves to connecting across racial boundaries. We cannot say, “Ok, we’ve now solved this,” not in ourselves and not in our communities.

Friday. We will dedicate Friday to implementation and research planning. We will work together to develop plans to include inquiry work that fit the Fellows’ own courses at their home institutions. Fellows will meet with the mathematician from the Mathematicians of Color Alliance to plan their partnership work. 

Three books will support the work of the workshop:

  •  The Art of Problem Posing (Brown & Walter, 2005): This classic book on problem posing offers strategies and has been a key driver of the mathematical underpinnings of this work.
  •  Courageous Conversations (Singleton, 2014): This book undergirds the thinking behind the mathematics equity work.
  • Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics (Horn, 2012):Issues of power and status are sure to arise in the complex environment of the summer workshop. This comprehensive book about complex instruction will guide our navigation of these issues.
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